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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  January 26, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. >> the tv viewership for the last super bowl was over 111 million viewers. >> seven years after hurricane katrina, the big easy says it's ready for the big stage. bay area moms join hundreds of thousands across the country in a march for more gun control. and a surprise from the sky knocks out power in the heart of san francisco. good evening, i'm annette. breaking news on the peninsula
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after two people, including a two-year-old child, were shot in menlo park. the victims were at a mcdonald's in east palo alto. don knapp picks up the story from there. don. >> reporter: we're on willow road. this is where the shooting occurred. probably the traffic lights of the intersection. as we understand it, two vehicles were at the intersection, an altercation ensued, a gun reached out the window and started firing into the other vehicle, quite a few shots were fired and right now, we can hear from the commander to tell us what happened. >> at this point, the two victims are at stanford hospital, they're in stable condition. my understanding is that the injuries to the child are wounds to the legs and a graze to the head. the mother is also wounds to the legs. they are all in stable condition. they are nonlife threatening injuries at this time. >> as we understand it, the shooting occurred here and the victim's vehicle drove like mad
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over to the east palo alto area where the mcdonald's is and they called police and the ambulance came and took the victims to stanford hospital. so, the good news is, apparently these are nonlife threatening injuries. the bad news is, there was another shooting over there on university avenue earlier this evening as well and may have been a homicide. we'll have more information on this later on. >> let's check in with you at 11:00. thanks, don. dozens of people walked along san francisco's waterfront to show support for gun control. organized by the group's 1 million moms for gun control. it was intended to show solidarity with events across the country. the largest held in washington, d.c. members of the newtown, connecticut, community. anderson has their story from bridgeport, connecticut. >> thousands called for tougher gun control at rallies across the nation. >> what do we want? change. >> in washington, d.c., people carried signs with the names
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and pictures of gun violence victims. >> it's time to take assault weapons off of our streets. too many people are dying. >> they want a federal ban and high capacity magazines and mandatory background checks for all gun purchases. the shooting of sandy hook elementary school prompted these rallies. >> if it can happen in newtown, it can happen in any town, in any city, in any state, until they make these federal laws. >> stacey mccoy walked in honor of seven-year-old chase rings , one of the 20 first graders killed. joined the march on washington to demand safer communities. >> that means getting rid of the guns. >> police departments are helping. saturday, hundreds of people from the west coast to the east coast packed gun buyback events. >> the programs here in bridgeport, connecticut, has been going on for a month. officers collected about 600 weapons. >> taking a lot of pistols and
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taken a will lot of shotguns. >> it's leading to huge problems. >> people are afraid that our gun rights are going to be taken away. >> many at the rallies on saturday say they want to get guns out of the hands of dangerous people. not take away everyone's second amendment rights. tatiana anderson for cbs news, bridgeport, connecticut. >> a big turnout at another bay area gun buyback. offer of cash for weapons was an incentive. cbs 5 reporter shows us, one prominent victim of gun violence says people are rethinking gun ownership. >> we hope there was going to be a turnout like this. >> the cars lined up for blocks for the gun buyback. >> handguns is $100 and assault rifles are $200. >> and there were. besides those, all kinds of guns were brought in. >> we'll give money up to three guns. >> the idea behind this drive
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is simple. turn this into this. and it is working. >> the no questions asked, unanimous gun buyback event. >> donald smith brought in two old rifles. >> haven't been used in many years, time to get rid of them. >> as easy as that, he got his $200, no questions asked. >> the money is right here. >> already spent it? >> you bet, we're heading out of town. >> this is a hundred round magazine. >> congresswoman, jackie speier, was in attendance. she was shot in 1978. she says she doesn't own a gun, but her husband does. >> there is a purpose for guns in our society. for hunting, for sport, and any good hunter will say you don't need more than 3 to 5 rounds to hunt. if you're not good enough with 3 to 5 rounds, you probably shouldn't be hunting. >> reporting from san mateo, cbs 5. tonight, we learned more
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than 680 guns were turned in. including 24 assault weapons, 338 handguns and 371 long gunsment the guns will be destroyed. two people had to be pulled from the san francisco bay this afternoon after a tug boat hit their sailboat. the tug boat was escorting a barge. the coast guard is investigating. streets in san francisco's northeast neighborhood have reopened following a suspicious package scare. police briefly evacuated the sidewalks around 2:00 this afternoon. the bomb squad showed up, took the package away, police wouldn't say what the item was. >> power has been restored in san francisco's south of market area after a bizarre accident knocked it out. a large advertising banner being pulled by a plane fell from the sky on to power lines. the sign made a plastic and metal. apparently hit two high voltage wires, causing them to short
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out. >> i thought it was an earthquake, but i looked around, didn't see anything. i was caught. thank goodness nobody was hurt. >> and no injuries were reported. at one time, 2,000 customers in the south of market and china basin areas lost power. an antiabortion walk in san francisco today marked the 40th anniversary of roe versus wade. the walk drew tens and thousands of people against abortion heading from the civic center closet. the walk is in it ninth yore. an investigation found a california department of forestry and fire protection hit almost $4 million from the state. the agency was required to deposit the money collected from legal settlements into the state's general fund. the department used the cash for equipment purchases and training instead. the department of finances also planning an investigation. several water agencies are
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calling on the state to consider a less expensive alternative to governor brown's proposed delta tunnels plan. in july, the governor announced a plan for a massive 5-mile twins tunnels to carry water from delta to southern california. the agencies want the state to consider a single scale down tunnel, which would cost less of half of the proposed tunnel. >> police are going to ticket drivers who don't feed the meters on sundays. the new rule went into effect this year, but officers haven't been enforcing it. they have been giving out warnings, not citations. now the breaks are over and you'll have to pay to park from noon to 6:00 p.m. the countdown clock is ticking at we are t minus seven days, 17 hours, 21 minutes, and 43 seconds from the kickoff of super bowl xlvii.
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the city of new orleans has been preparing for two years. it's a lot of work. projects included a $305 million renovation at the airport. $336million in upgrades at the super dome. the city's convention center got a makeover and a $75 million allotment was spent on highways, streets, and sidewalks, and streetcars. the mayor says it was a big task, but his city is ready. >> for a city that seven years ago was 15 feet under water and the last on every list in america that mattered. now we find ourselves in a city that is on the world stage. this is a huge effort and the big story is, this is not the end of the road for us. >> city leaders hope to wow the world and bring another super bowl back to the big easy in 2018. and if you're lucky enough to be going to the super bowl in new orleans, you are extra lucky. not only are you going to see
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great football, you're going to one of the greatest party towns. cbs 5 reporter got some tips from a new orleans native. >> what is there to do in new orleans besides the four hours you might want to spend at the super bowl? well, you heard of mardi gras, right? mardi gras and the super bowl will be underway at the same time. parades are underway daily. 30 parades in all with 500 floats. they will continually. the niners and ravens play the super bowl on the third and when that game is history, they will be partying with mardi gras. >> this is a little bit of new orleans in san francisco. it's a restaurant. for san franciscoens going to new orleans, the chef has some suggestions. >> new orleans is a beautiful place to eat, drink, listen to live music. my advice is not have a plan and go with the flow. walk around the city. enjoy it for its beauty of being an old city.
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meet people on the streets and just not have a plan and just go with it. >> need a plan, you just go with the flow. >> eating a lot. definitely hitting the hole in the wall shops, drinking a lot. that's always fun. walk around at 10:00 a.m. with your drinks. get some char broiled oysters and have a fantastic time. >> there's your come ploat guide to having a good time. don't have a plan, go there, eat, drink, and have a good time. in san francisco, cbs 5. >> anyone looking for a room in the big easy is just about out of luck. tourism leaders say new orleans hotels are 85% booked right now. after this weekend, the hotel rooms will be virtually sold out. they expect a lot of super bowl guests to stick around for marty gray the following week. >> we have a couple rooms for
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the cbs 5 team. we are your super bowl station and i'll have you covered all week. on cbs 5. dennis o'donnell is there along with veteran glenn and michelle. he is making his way across the country. when we come back, niners fans get ready for game day get togethers. >> anything red and gold, want to represent right now. >> from chicken beads that they rush for the big game. why the shortchange suit is simply ridiculous. starting to see some clouds heading in our direction. we could see some cold temperatures, too. we'll have that coming up. ,,,,,, [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely... looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply. us a sneak peak at this ye's super bowl commercials... hey, what are you doing? who is going to take your wheat thins? >> i don't know. >> nabisco giving us a sneak peek. this year's 30 seconds of air time will cost up to $4 million. and from chairs to snacks to big screen tv's, some people like to go all out. cbs 5 reporter shows us how bay
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area fans are getting ready for the big game. >> well now i'm going to have a big party. >> now that the niners are in it to win it, people are getting ready for super game day get togethers. ann just a new tv. >> had to be in before the super bowl. >> she department stop there. we added a sound bar, it will make watching the game pretty cool. >> we have red and gold going on. >> here, they have stocked up on everything from craze cy glasses to piniatas. however random, this stuff is selling. >> everyone wants to represent right now. >> the employee was excited for his team and his store. >> i'm a luge fan. >> any good party has a well stocked buffet. >> some socks make sure to do their shopping this weekend so
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they weren't too tired. >> it for thes with a good deal. we are ready to celebrate at our friend's house. >> new technology -- >> it makes it more of an experience. >> good spirits, it should be quite a day to celebrate. >> go niners, we're going to win it. >> in san francisco, cbs 5. san francisco isn't the only city with super bowl fever. on the other side of the country in baltimore are getting ready to, the ravens wrapped up their final home practices of the season and some of those players took time to meet with their fans. >> have all those fans out there, we have a home game. over and over again. >> well, people in baltimore decking out thinker homes and businesses and make the trek down to new orleans for the game.
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it was a beautiful day in the bay area, lawrence is in tonight with our forecast. >> we have showers early on today, a cool, crisp day. we could see a few more showers. checking out your latest satellite image, not much energy as the system moves through. late tonight, a chance of a few scattered showers. the temperatures really going to be dropping and lickly to see freezing numbers. as you approach the coastline, temperatures there minly into the 40s. as we head toward sunday, if you sleep in, you might miss most of rain. i think by the afternoon, some partly cloudy skies, but the temperatures are going to be cool. low to mid 50s and that's about as warm as it's going to get. if you plan on traveling around
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the state, some snow is expected in the high country. 34 degrees, some light snow flakes there. slight chance of showers and 48 degrees with showers expected. we have this area. a chance of show showers early tonight and we have this ridge. that will tart to build. by the end of the week, a lit of 60s outside. we have a few clouds out there, a chance of a few scattered showers. the best chance near the coastline and parts of the best buy. sunshine and just a couple passing clouds. grab the jacket, it is going to grab cool. chilly in spots inland. down to 30 degrees in fairfield. 34 in livermore.
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inside the bay, likely to see some 30s and couple 30s, too. the mountain tops are going to be millly. 50s chilly. next couple of days, dryer weather turns our way. warmer weather by tuesday and wednesday. some of those temperatures may make it up into the mid 60s. that's a look at weather, back to you. >> you anemic science fair was on display in stoins fair. that the only african american science fair. it emphasizes science, technology, engineering, and math. oarings found the learning gap for african american students by engaging. the kids agree. >> i like science and it's
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important to me because it can help our future and solve some of our world problems that we have today. >> organizers say 100% of the scholars enroll in college. well still ahead, suing over size. a subway sandwich he says didn't measure up. ,,,,,,
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saying their footlong sandws don't measure up a west sacramento man is suing the subway sandwich chain saying their foot long sandwiches don't measure up. it's the latest lawsuit over the discrepancy. cbs reporter, nick james, has the people's mixed reaction. >> does the inch make that big of a difference? >> sometimes. >> every inch matters to springer. slapped subway with a lawsuit, saying his foot long didn't measure up. >> that's the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard in my life. >> the foot long subs that subway sells are smaller than the advertised 12 inches. consequently, consumers are receiving less than what they
10:24 pm
are paying for. >> apparently, there's a claim of personal injury. mentally and physically wounded or something, i don't get it. >> there are those that take this seriously. the international foot long frenzy set off by an australia main. his foot long was only 11 inches. multiple lawsuits have been filed and springer is seeking class action status. pauly being shortchanged with her stub. we measured and turns out 12.5 inches. cheryl says she has it down to a science. >> we check, yes we do. we do check. >> we checked and fresh out of the oven, the tape measure doesn't lie. 12 inches a piece. >> what do you think about somebody filing a lawsuit over a piece of bread that is half an inch too short. >> spring'sspringer --
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warriors and bucks game ton, christian start the clock.. an old friend was a difference in the warriors and bucks game tonight. kristen, start the clock. there he is. former warrior, montae ellis. warriors down 5. make it 2. both warriors were in the bucket, but you have seen this before. montae steals it with the 3 for the bucks. 20 for montae, golden state drops their second game in a row. a little hockey. sharks and avs, stewart with a
10:28 pm
huge hit. that's going to leave a mark. patrick marlowe did it again. two more goals, giving them 8 goals on the year. the sharks shut out the avs 4- 0. usf, david stockton, son of john stockton hits the three. usf loses 56-62. better news as beau scores on the layup. 84-72. wiped out the third round at torrey pineses. the checkout jerry kelly and lucas glover. check this guys out. request tomorrow, weather permitting. >> kim, thank you so much. finally tonight, super bowl weekend will be part of the love story for a patient baltimore couple. they had their first date at a ravens, giants super bowl party 12 years ago and they have been together ever since. even though they talked about marriage, they agreed to wait
10:29 pm
for a very important date. >> i said when the ravens make it back to the super bowl, then we'll finally get married. >> the couple will tie the knot on super bowl weekend. i hope it's a perfect weekend for them until the game is played. >> that is a patient woman. >> i know, a lot of discussions. that's it for me. we'll see you at 11:00 on cbs 5. good night. ,,


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